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“Arina” platform description (version 1.0)

The platform is designed for presentation of electronic finding aids, digitized archival collections and their descriptions on the Internet and local computer networks.

Version 1.0 features three level hierarchy for finding aids display on the record group, series and folder levels. Each collection level provides two views for the lists of lower level objects: table view with sortable columns and a grid view for images.

The platform provides intuitive interfaces and developed system of access points for browsing of large digitized archival collections, simple and advanced keyword searching, and a DocView browser for work with document images.

Description for each hierarchy level includes archival ID number, title, annotation, extent of the collection, start and end dates for documents, descriptors (key words). The latter includes types such as Author, Document type, Geographic location, Publications, Names, Organizations, Social group, Position, Subject, Forum, language and compound descriptors.

The platform’s search engine allows simple keyword search over the complete collection and advanced search. The advanced search handles more complex queries for individual fields of descriptions and their combinations (title, annotation, author, language, compound descriptors, start and end dates for documents). Comprehensive search can be also performed using indexes which include all descriptor types, dates and date ranges, document titles, IDs, annotations and extent information with links to relevant documents.

The search results can be displayed either as a table with sortable columns (doc IDs, titles, start and end dates) or as a grid of images. The documents can be browsed using grid and filmstrip views, single or double page flipping, and image zooming tools.

The platform is designed for use both in the Internet environment and local computer networks and can be supported by the major operating systems and Web browsers. The platform is highly scalable through cloud computing technologies.

The intuitive interface for the platform was developed based on the needs and information seeking habits of a large audience of users.

Platform development plans

  • expanding the platform’s hierarchical structure for the archival collection description to include new levels for individual documents and their parts. The new levels will be fully integrated into the overall system functionality;
  • development of the Back Office for archivists to support manual entry and editing of finding aids and collection descriptions on all levels with the help of the data entry forms, linking of document images to descriptions, and quality control for the data entry;
  • development of the statistics module which will provide archivists with data to support management, planning and reporting on the electronic collection development and use;
  • development and addition to the platform new modules to support Web 2.0 services and social networks: bookmarking, commenting, keyword and geo tagging. Personal accounts will also allow user customization of the platform interfaces, saved references, individual images and search queries;
  • addition of the ordering form for electronic copies of documents to the local version of the platform;
  • addition of the online payment module for access to digitized copies of the documents;
  • integration of the OCR module with the platform and addition of the full text searching functionality for the recognized documents.